Retail Services


Retail Services

In this financial year 2019-20, IMEDF successfully developed a range of products encompassing the necessary support services to accelerate micro enterprise development in rural India. The team has made significant progress in building relationships and developing a revenue generating service delivery model that has been deployed in 12 districts of 3 states, through a network of 65 Info Kiosks. Our aim is to deliver high quality retail enterprise solutions to allow entrepreneurship to thrive in India’s villages.

During 2020-21, the IMEDF team intends to build a portfolio of services ranging from group trade-specific and technical training, entrepreneurial capacity building and personalized virtual consulting services in close collaboration with the udyaME platform. Onboarding processes and products shall be operationalized in 2020-21, subsequent to which the products and services will be rolled out through a network of 100 Info Kiosks.


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